Why should I use a thin pillow if I sleep on my back? It is all about Head Position.

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Sleeping on your back?

Benefits of Sleeping on your back

  • Allows for your spine and neck to be in a neutral aligned position
  • Fights acid reflux
  • You’re not laying on your face so it doesn’t wrinkle the skin on your face

Cons of Sleeping on your back

  • Can increase the tendency to snore or promote sleep apnea

Your goal: Find a pillow that allows for a neutral position of the spine and keeps the neck in alignment.

Why use a special Back Sleeping Pillow?

  • Most Stomach and Back sleepers have a pillow that is too thick or not flat enough. This can put your neck in a bad position and cause discomfort and bad sleep, and also lead to long term neck problems.
  • We recommend a pillow that is not only flat and supportive but also has some softness so it can cradle the head to minimize the head rolling sideways.
  • After personally trialing many pillows and not being satisfied, we designed the Blissbury Stomach and Back sleeping pillow to help you achieve this.
  • Please be aware that the softer your bed, the more your body will sink, thus pushing your head upwards.

Head position comparison when sleeping on your back - thin flat Blissbury Stomach & Back Sleeping Pillow provides correct neck alignment and support.

Why we made the Stomach and Back Sleeping Pillow

  • We know the benefits a good night's sleep can have and the impact of a sore neck and no sleep can have on people. We made the stomach sleeper pillow to help people get the rest they need and minimize pressure on their neck to stay healthier for longer.
  • It is thin, flat and supportive to ensure you can get the best sleep possible. We also made this from premium gel-infused memory foam and also ventilation holes to ensure you stay cool.


Try our most-loved Blissbury Stomach and Back Sleeping Pillow today!

If you aren't happy in the first 30 days you can send it back to us for a refund :)

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