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Contour Pillows and how to choose one.

If you suffer from neck pain or struggle to get comfortable and are a side and/or back sleeper then a Contour Pillow could be right for you! But what should you consider in your decision? You spend half your life on a pillow so why not make an informed decision. Designed for your Neck and Spine The contour pillow is designed with contours that meet the natural shape of your neck. This ensures you get support along your neck and head which ultimately supports a good neck and spine position. Having alignment with your neck and spine and minimizing twist is key to long term spine and neck health. If you are in pain or discomfort while or after sleeping now...

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I love sleeping on my stomach, what type of pillow do I need?

Sleeping on your stomach (the basics) Let's be honest, it is one of the least preferred methods for your body, although some of us know what we like and getting enough sleep is more important! Luckily, there are ways to make front sleeping better for your body. How to  Ensure that your spine is in a neutral position Ensure your pillow is as flat and thin as possible. This reduces strain on your neck and compression in your back. Try to minimize head twist relative to your spine. If you can position your head to face into the pillow as much as possible that helps. Try to mix-up facing both directions to maintain balance. Some people suggest a thin pillow...

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Why should I use a thin pillow if I sleep on my back? It is all about Head Position.

Sleeping on your back? Benefits of Sleeping on your back Allows for your spine and neck to be in a neutral aligned position Fights acid reflux You’re not laying on your face so it doesn’t wrinkle the skin on your face Cons of Sleeping on your back Can increase the tendency to snore or promote sleep apnea Your goal: Find a pillow that allows for a neutral position of the spine and keeps the neck in alignment. Why use a special Back Sleeping Pillow? Most Stomach and Back sleepers have a pillow that is too thick or not flat enough. This can put your neck in a bad position and cause discomfort and bad sleep, and also lead to long term neck problems. We recommend a pillow...

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