Silk Pillow Case for thin pillows


Silk Pillow Case for thin pillows

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PRODUCT NOTICE: We are currently experiencing shipping delays and are hoping to have silk cases available for purchase by December 21st 2021.

The BLISSBURY Silk Pillow Case for Thin & Flat Pillows

Our BLISSBURY 100% Mulberry Silk Pillow Case is specially designed to suit our (and other) thin pillows. It has been created, tested and improved to provide the ultimate combination of softness, durability and sleeping experience. We use premium grade mulberry silk, with a thickness of 19 momme to provide a luxurious night's sleep.

Be nice to your skin

Silk ­absorbs less than other fabrics so the natural moisture and oils from your face and other precious products that make your skin healthy are kept in place. The smoothness of silk also reduces rubbing or abrasion on your face which helps keep it feeling and looking better. Less friction also means you will reduce creases in your skin often caused by your pillow. 

Reduce the tangle

Friction between your hair and your pillow case can cause hair to pull and tangle throughout the night. By using a smooth fabric like silk you can take the "bed head" out of heading to bed. This can both protect your hair from damage and also make life easier each morning.

Size and Dimensions

As mentioned we specially designed the case to suit thin and flat pillows. This is because these pillows are generally for sleeping with your face into the pillow or your hair for back sleepers. We thought that it was critical to have a smooth silk option that suited front and back sleepers especially. 

Our Pillow Case suit pillows:  26" x 16" x 2.6"
Ideally this case fits the Blissbury stomach and back sleeping pillow
(also fits - Mezzanti Stomach sleeping pillow, Bluewave stomach sleeping pillow)

Care Instructions

  • pH neutral liquid detergent 
  • machine wash delicate 30°C (86°F) (protective mesh laundry bag)
  • hand wash 30°C (86°F)
  • no trichloroethylene, use washing products suited for natural fibers.
  • iron low heat
  • steam or dry
  • do not bleach
  • do not tumble dry, hang to dry.